Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve in the Wild West

Today we took Amos to ride Allison's horse, Yukon.  We forgot to bring the camera, so we made him wait about 20 minutes while Grammy went home to get it.  He was so anxious to ride, he just pointed at Yukon and whined: "Aaaammmoooosss."  When the camera finally arrived we loaded him up and around and around he and Allison went.  He didn't show one ounce of emotion.

He was totally worn out by the time it was all done, because that thumb never left his mouth again:

Merry Christmas everyone!


deveney said...

ok, not sure if i ever told you, but i love all the cool things you are doing with you blog or should i say blogs?? you are super talented, maybe someday i will be on top of it like you are! when are you coming to sd to visit?? yuo know you want to! thanks for the comments and support:)

Laura Horne said...

Aw, thanks Dev. I am loving all of your catching up blogs. I hope you had a good Christmas. I definitely want to go to SD...soon.