Thursday, December 31, 2009

Riding at Grammy and Grampy's

My parents' house is on the most amazing property, Amos just loves to run around outside.  He would ride Grammy & Grampy's trucks for hours if any of us had the patience to let him.

Eric got some good photos of him riding around this past trip:

Grampy's cars are also a special treat for Amos when we visit:

Its so beautiful, no wonder Grammy never wants to leave ;)

Amos is an outdoors boy through and through.

Christmas Morning

I wanted to get this post up before it was a week old, sheesh!

Christmas morning was great.  Amos and Maggie were a little scatterbrained.  They knew they were excited, but they weren't sure exactly why.  They figured it out pretty quick.

Maggie went through various states of dress during the present opening.  My personal favorite, her diaper:

Cousin Mason eating the wrapping paper:

Our favorite present to give: A Springville Red Devils t-shirt for Papa. (We love our town).

The morning was so chaotic and went by so quick, I wish I had done a better job of taking pictures of everyone.  We had a great time though, so that's what's most important.

No More Paying Attention

No, not really.  Truthfully, I think that I am far from finished with my 2009 New Year's Resolution to pay attention.  So, during 2010 I am going to keep paying attention, but I am going to add in challenging myself

Challenging myself is broad and ambigious, so I am going to commit to some specifics:

1. Learn to cook better.  Poor Eric really needs me to pull through on this one, and I would like to become more confident in the kitchen.  We could use some more variety, and definitely a higher quality.

2. Build better relationships.  I get serious anxiety about making new friends and trying new things.  This year I would like to do both.  I tend to be selfish and self-involved, which leaves me in a very comfortable place, but a very boring place.   

3.  Focus The Charmed Home.  I love blogging, and starting a second blog is hard work and a little embarrassing.  Its hard for me to put my ideas out there to be judged, but to be that best I can, I know that exactly what I need to do.  Expect to see The Charmed Home grow this year.

So, there's the start of Me Challenged in 2010.  The beauty of broad resolutions is that you can add to them so easily as you need to throughout the year.  Woot.

*More Paying Attention posts can be found here.

Year in Review

Happy New Year's Eve everyone!  We're home and getting settled, so regular posting should resume shortly.  In the meantime, here are my favorite posts from the past year:

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These are by no means the most amazing posts ever, but they are the ones that make me happy.  What were your favorite posts from this year?

I am so grateful for all of you, I don't think you know how much your comments, lurking, and friendships mean to me.  I wish everyone the best in 2010.

Much love from the Charmed Hornes.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve in the Wild West

Today we took Amos to ride Allison's horse, Yukon.  We forgot to bring the camera, so we made him wait about 20 minutes while Grammy went home to get it.  He was so anxious to ride, he just pointed at Yukon and whined: "Aaaammmoooosss."  When the camera finally arrived we loaded him up and around and around he and Allison went.  He didn't show one ounce of emotion.

He was totally worn out by the time it was all done, because that thumb never left his mouth again:

Merry Christmas everyone!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


If presents under the tree are magical to children, sleeping children are magical to mommies.  Today I caught not one, but both of my kids asleep.  They are such angels when they are unconscious.

Even though he has a nice bed to sleep in, Amos chooses to sleep on the floor in front of his door ALL THE TIME.  We are constantly putting him back in his bed, just to have him get back out a second later.  Today, I had to nudge him with the door to get it open wide enough so I could sneak the camera in to snap a picture.  I can't believe he stayed asleep.

As you can see, Amos moves the entire contents of his room to the floor before he takes a nap.  At least he looks cozy with his bears and his blankies. 

Lesson Learned

Amos has been so good about not touching the presents under the tree, that we decided to let him open a small one yesterday.  The thrill of unwrapping that paper to find a set of new matchbox cars is more than his little heart could handle.  About an hour after we let him open the cars, Eric caught him red handed unwrapping presents looking for more cars.  Today, he's been calling: "cars, cars!" at the tree all day. 

We thought we were being nice by giving him a sneak preview, but I think we just made it a lot harder for him to wait to open his presents.  We demolished whatever self control he had by showing him just how great it is to open those presents.  Next year, no early opening (for kids that is). 

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Playroom Decluttered

Did you think I forgot about my little decluttering pact I made with myself?  Well, I didn't.  I just have not had the time or the energy.  Until today.

Eric and I thought it might be time to clean out the playroom and pull out the "baby" things.  We figured we should try to keep them nice for the next kid.  One tupperware and 45 minutes later we had this:

I am also working on a home tour for my other blog, so a complete playroom post can be found here.

A Guessing Game (with hints)

Guess what came in the mail on Saturday?

The Springville Community School "menu."

Guess who signed up for #18 immediately?


I cannot wait to learn how to take better pictures.  I hope you're all excited to see all the things I've learned =)

This is my life.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Survivor Finale

Every day in my life is not a noteworthy one.  Shocking, I know.  Today would be one of those days, EXCEPT tonight is the Survivor Finale.  Don't get me wrong, I am very stoked for the finale, but mostly it reminds me of another noteworthy day.

Eric and I first met in the Fall of 2004.  He lived with my good friend, Josh, but I'd only seen him a couple times.  Truthfully, he was dating some stupid girl (stupid because she let him go, I don't actually know anything about her intelligence), and he wasn't around much.  That fall, they split up and Eric came back on the market.  One night I was in his and Josh's apartment, and Eric and I got to talking.  I knew immediately I liked him.  I did not, however, like him enough to miss the Survivor finale.  When Eric asked me out for the first time I said, "No," without offering any reason.  I was too embarrassed to tell him it was because I didn't want to miss Survivor.  I really wanted to go out with him, but he had no idea because I shot him down hard (at least that's how it seemed to him).  It was almost 6 months before he got up the courage to ask me out again, and we did eventually go on our first date.

The moral of this story?  I am SO glad I got a second chance, and that Eric and I will be watching the Survivor finale TOGETHER tonight.  Second moral: get DVR, your eternal marriage may depend on it ;)  Third moral: Go Russell! Ok, "Go Russell" is not a moral, but I'd like to see him win.

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thursday, December 17, 2009

We're well here in the Horne house.  I had a very grouchy day today, but really, it turned out ok when all was said and done.  It's hard to be ornery on Survivor night.

Sharing time for today:

1. Maggie is very much in love with climbing the stairs.  In fact, if you walk within 10 feet of the stairs while holding her, she will lunge out of your arms to get to them.  (Consider yourselves warned of the hazards of holding Maggie while walking near stairs.)

2. The other day when I went in to get Amos up from his nap he greeted me saying, "Knows, knows!"  He led me over to his window and showed me his view of the snowman we built.  It was pretty cool how excited he was to show it to me.

3. When Amos and I go in to get Maggie up from her naps we are always greeted by the happiest little girl.  Lately she's been making sure she has her blankie before she's ready to leave her crib.

4. Today I came home to one of my favorite Shaver family holiday traditions: Harry & David.  Yummy! Thanks Grammy!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Blog Button

So, it totally needs some work, but I wanted to be sure I could get my button to work before I invested a lot of time on it. So, in all its beta glory:

The Charmed Hornes

You can copy and paste that html code into a gadget on the sidebar of your blog and we can be friends =)

Updated 12/16: I finished the "real" blog button, its over on the right hand sidebar.  If I were you, I'd grab that one, not the one in this post.

Amos' First Snowman

Yesterday after church, in an effort to get Anna to stay longer, we decided to make a snowman in our front yard.  The snow was perfect for snowman making, and Amos had been asking to play in the "knows" for a while.

It didn't hurt that The Children's Place gave us a free snowman kit when I bought some sweaters there last week.  The kit was cool, it had charcoal eyes, a carrot nose, a scarf, a pipe, and a mouth.  There were some more charcoal buttons, but Amos lost them at the mall.

The kit awaiting the man to be made:

Amos was an awesome helper.  He wanted to be right in the middle of all the action.  He absolutely loved playing in the "knows."

Eric proved to be the best snowman maker, even though he didn't want to do it.  He takes issue with how rolling the snowman messes up the pristine snow covered lawn.  He has a point:

 I have to admit, I am a really big fan of yesterday afternoon.  I think it makes all the difference to have the right "gear" like my sorels, and my pearls:

The finished product was way taller than we intended.  Amos fell over backwards when he tried to look at it:

Oh yeah, and Maggie slept through the whole thing.