Thursday, November 12, 2009

Young Women in Excellence

Last night we had our first big Young Women activity since being called as a presidency.  We got the idea for our theme "The Treasure Within" from, found here.  The script is good, but you could definitely buff it up a bit with a little more background and explanation about the women.

 We only had a few weeks to plan after we'd been called, and one of those weeks I was in Florida, so it was a tight turnaround time.  Thankfully our girls are good sports, and they all pitched in and did their parts.  We started off the program with the leaders doing the script from Sugardoodle about the 8 scriptural women, and then we had the girls follow and share why what they had been working on represented each value.  We all had a treasure in our value's color, and we place them all in a treasure chest as we shared.  It made a really pretty visual.

The decorations were very simple (again, tight turnaround time).  We used treasures in all of the value colors, mason jar floral arrangements, and crowns.  Treasures and crowns were easy to decorate with:

We sent the girls home with their own treasures in all of the value colors (in mini baby food jars to match the mason jar arrangements).


Cynthia said...

Very nicely done, looks very pretty and professional. I have loved all your posts on the Florida trip. I am very impressed you got it up so quickly.

Laura Horne said...

Hey, thanks Mom. I'll admit, I spaced out the blogs. They were all done at once.

I am saving this weekend for posts ALL about Maggie. I feel bad she didn't get a post on her birthday, so she's getting a weekend of posts.

Mormon Share said...

I've featured your link on my Young Women's in Excellence page!

Since you've been featured, you can post one of the badges found here on your website. Thanks so much! - Jenny

Laura Horne said...

Thanks Jenny! I added the badge to my blog.