Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanksgiving Decor

My "Thanksgiving" decor is a little sparse this year.  I am just noticing what a short time span Thanksgiving has.  Combine that with our trip the first part of the month and not a lot of Thanksgiving has happened around here.  My "fall" decor is still up, so we're covered, but I would like more "Thanksgiving" eventually.  As with all holidays, I want to just add a few things over time.  This year I added two new "Thanksgiving" things.

This guy:

and this garland:

More on the garland here.  I bought the Native American (that's right, I'm PC) at Roberts for $4.  I didn't know he was only $4 or I would have bought his wife too...I haven't been able to make it back yet, but I am really hoping to still get the wifey.  Fingers crossed.

The goods news about not having very many Thanksgiving decorations is that they'll be quicker to take down when I put my Christmas decorations up NEXT FRIDAY!  (I am so ready).

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Meg Shaver said...

I love your creativity! I am sure it is adorable!