Sunday, November 15, 2009

Princess Baby Party-The Stuff

Yesterday we had Maggie's Princess Baby party, and it was perfect.  We're so grateful for all of our friends who made time to celebrate Maggie's first birthday for us.  I started getting ready for the party months ago, and its a good thing I did, because I found myself way too busy to get much done this week.

I decorated this vase to match the pink theme:

Do you think my Grandma would be proud that I used the silver baby cup she bought me to hold toothpicks?  I think she would appreciate my resourcefulness.

Amos and Eric hung all of the balls and flowers for me/Maggie.  Meg and I made the flowers during conference weekend:

I recycled the flowers from YW in Excellence this week, all I had to do was change the paper on the mason jars.  Eric got me the awesome cupcake can definitely expect to see cupcakes at all of my parties from here on out:

The food table was my favorite part, I am so sad it didn't photograph better.  We had fresh berries, a bunch of different kinds of cheeses, artichoke dip, and mini quiches.

Finally, I had some place cards up so everyone knew what they were eating =)

**as always, my apologies for the crumminess of our camera. 

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