Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lunch Today

Lunch today was one of those moments, or rather a series of moments, that made me incredibly grateful to be a stay at home mom.  Amos finished his lunch first, and instead of causing trouble he decided to put on a show for Maggie.  He spun in circles, jumped up and down, and pretended to fall over.  She LOVED it.  She rewarded him with laughs and claps, and he kept performing for her.

After the performance, Amos found a slinky.  He would hand one end of it to Maggie, and then run away from her stretching it out.  She would let go and as it snapped back together they would both laugh.  He'd give her the end again, and they would do it all over, laughing harder each time.

I love my kids.


Anonymous said...

That's adorable!! I love the picture of Maggie with her hands on her head.

Bruce said...

That's my boy. Slapstick humor king. Can't wait to watch The 3 Stooges with him.

Meg Shaver said...