Monday, November 23, 2009


The kids and I had a really hard day today, and I called Eric about 4 p.m. to see if we could go to McDonald's for dinner tonight because 1. I did not have the energy and/or drive to cook and 2. the kids were driving me insane and I really needed them to get some energy out.  Thankfully, Eric had a better idea: Jaxies.  They have sandwiches, paninis, salads, and most importantly, a play area for kids!  I think we spent about the same as we would at McDonald's, but we ate A LOT better.  They even still had chicken nuggets for the kids (Maggie ate 5, Amos ate 1).     

The owners (Dee & Roger) of Jaxies are really nice.  Total strangers to us before tonight, but with some good service they really helped turn my day around.

So, go visit Jaxies in Spanish Fork (747 N Main St) just around the corner from The Italian Shop.  If you don't trust my endorsement, here's one from the Herald.


Meg Shaver said...

That sounds amazing! I need a place to go where suddenly a wieght is just lifted! Sorry the kids are being a handful! Bruce and Nancy will be here soon! and I will be there too, to freeload on food. ha ha jk!

Dorothy said...

Thank you so much Laura! It's because of you, and other families like yours, that Roger and I put the time and effort into Jaxies. We appreciate you for mentioning us and for supporting a local mom & pop shop. You are AWESOME!

Kendra said...

I think I need to try that place. I checked the Herald's review because just as I suspected...I know the guy who did it. :) And it's likely my friend went with him for the dining review. Anyway...sounds great. Thanks for the new restaurant referral. :)