Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Honor Society

Last week while we were in Florida, Meg got us the hook up at an Honor Society concert.  I teased her a lot about it, but she definitely should have been teasing me.  I proved an un-cool concert goer, but I am what I am.  I felt really old and really out of place, but I had a great time.  The opening band was One Call, and my goodness, they were so cute.  I could just put them all in my pocket. 

the moms sitting at the back

One thing about both bands, we couldn't get over how tiny they were.  We went on and on about how short they were.  When we looked at our picture from the meet and greet, we couldn't get over the fact that they were our same height (and taller than some-Grammy).  Yes, they're boys and we're girls, but still, our bad.

Laura, Grammy, and Liz with Honor Society

Meg and Ali with Honor Society.  Can you tell which band member Meg likes?

My favorite story of the night...while we were waiting in line outside we noticed they were marking big blacks x's on under 21 year olds.  They weren't really asking the "moms" for id, so I wasn't worried about it.  Well, when we got to the door the bouncer (?) asked to see my id =)  I told him that was the nicest thing anyone said to me all day, but he still wanted to see my id.  It was in the bottom of Meg's purse, so I told him to just mark me since I wasn't there for the alcohol anyway.  I didn't think it all the way through though, because I definitely didn't consider the consequences of having two big black x's on my hands like a big dork all night.  Like I said, un-cool concert goer.

My x's

Meg and her x's

Thanks Meg for including me in something I would have never done in a million years!


Kendra said...

Really? You went to see boy bands? Hmm...questionable.

Laura Horne said...

Oh, Kendra, you know you like boy bands.