Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day 5-Disney World


a.k.a "12 Hours at Disney" Day.  This one is going down in the record books.  Thankfully (and sadly) Grammy and Grampy convinced us to leave the little ones at home, so we headed to The Magic Kingdom with the 9 & over crowd.

We went from morning until the last of the fireworks show, and we hit every ride we wanted to.  

 I had such a great time, I can't even really explain it.  I grew up in Florida and was able to go to Disney World a lot, and being there again brought back all of those great memories.  Its was surprising how many things were just the way I remembered them.  I will say that everything was smaller and shorter than I remembered though.

While on "It's a Small World" we realized that the can-can dancers were everybody's favorite:

Classic Ali, she was totally annoyed that Goofy jumped in her picture:

While we were at Disney World, Grammy and Grampy did things like this:

And this:

We're grateful they were there to babysit so we could have a fantastic {long} day at Disney.

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