Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day 3-Sea World

Our third day in Florida took us to Sea World.  I only remember being to Sea World one other time, and I remember thinking it was pretty boring.  THIS time was different.  I loved it.  I thought all of the shows were so fun, and seeing the exhibits was pretty interesting.  Seeing excited little Amos didn't hurt either:

The token picture of the Margarets:

Grammy and Amos having snacks at the dolphin show:

Carrie and Ali "in" the tank:

Carol met up with us again, and her little girls were so cute.  Carol was a huge help providing snacks, a great lunch spot, a stroller for Maggie to ride in, and even feeding Maggie a juice box mama bird style (with the straw of course).


Carol's girls, Ali, and Amos

The dolphin show was a bit over the top, but I guess they are catering to today's youth...

Not a great picture, but I caught a dolphin in mid-air and thought that was pretty neat.  With our camera, its a downright miracle:

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