Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day 1-Travel Day


i.e. Plane Day.  Of our entire vacation, I think I spent the most time thinking about this day.  I read up online about how to best handle long plane rides with small children.  I found some good ideas, but thankfully I didn't need to use any of it.  Our plane rides were easy peasy.  Grammy and Grampy Shaver and the Iversons were already on the plane when we boarded, and they had saved us some primo seats.  We sat behind Allison, Carrie, and Morgan, which was perfect since it meant we did have to worry about Amos kicking the seats or bothering them.

On the second plane ride, the plane was half empty and everyone had plenty of room--if only there were a way to plan it so it worked out that way.  The cousins had a great time bouncing around the rows visiting Grammy, Grampy, Aunt Liz, Uncle Josh, and Aunt Meg. 

We arrived in Orlando VERY exhausted, but very excited.

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