Monday, November 30, 2009


In the midst of last week's festivities, Eric and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary.  It was pretty low key, but exactly the way we wanted it.  We often talk about "old" times when we were dating and first married.  We've been so blessed, we have lots of good memories already. 

Just over four years ago, Eric and I were in my apartment while I was getting ready for our date that night.

I remember saying, "I've never had a guy watch me get ready for a date with him before."

Eric's response: "We're not going on a date."

I didn't know it at the time, but he was trying to play it cool.  I was livid that he didn't think our night counted as a date.  So, ornery as can be, I went with Eric to our favorite restaurant, Happy Sumo.

After dinner, Eric said he wanted to drive up into the canyon to hang out for a little bit.  Totally not my kind of thing, so I got a little ornerier.  After we parked, got out and sat on the hood of the car, Eric pulled out a large cardboard box full of smaller jewelry boxes.  I immediately burst into tears, I felt so bad for being such a brat all night.  Thankfully, Eric was very forgiving, and he let me open up each of the jewelry boxes.  Every box contained a little note or trinket that Eric had made for me.

Finally, we got to the last box and Eric said he got to open that one.  At this point, I was crying SO hard I couldn't see a thing.  My guilty tears were happy tears at this point, but they were still blinding.  I knew what was in the box Eric had just opened, but I couldn't see or think of anything.  Neither one of us can remember exactly what he said, but we both remember that I said yes!

 Our night didn't end there.  With his ring on my finger, Eric took me back to our apartment complex where he had assembled all of my favorite (local) people and my favorite foods for an engagement party.

The night of our engagement was pretty much indicative of how the next four years would go...I would be bratty, Eric would be extremely thoughtful and kind, then forgiving, and I would wonder how in the world I landed such a catch.  Four years later, I am still the luckiest girl in the world.

It's that time again

My Christmas cards are printed and ready to go.  I need your mailing addresses.  Please email me at =)

(And don't worry that is totally not the picture we're using. Eric's jeans and bare feet, classic!  Consider it your bonus for blog reading.  Also, when you get our card, please remember what it is like trying to get two toddlers to sit still.)

Saturday, November 28, 2009


My favorites from Nan's camera from this last trip.  (They are very miscellaneous.)

My boys eating cereal for breakfast:

Smiley Maggie:

Amos was really interested in the ornaments.  He wanted to put the ornaments on the tree by himself so bad, but he just couldn't figure out the hooks.  He did sit by the tree holding the ornaments for a while:

More Maggie:

The end.


Today we gave Amos his second ever haircut.  It was definitely time, but it was still a little sad for me.  His hair was starting to bother him, so it had to go, but otherwise I would have let those curls keep growing.



The collateral damage:


We had a perfect Thanksgiving this year.  I think our guests were the most helpful guests one could hope for.  Multiple times during the day I thought how thankful I was that the Hornes and the Browns would be spending Thanksgiving with us, because I knew it would be good company and no pressure.

Eric made the turkey, and boy, did he spend a lot of time on it.  He started soaking it the night before.

Then he basted it,

and basted it,

and basted it.

It was delicious (and got better the next day), but Eric was thoroughly disappointed.  So sad!  We ate well, and enjoyed good company.

I do owe a special thanks to David for doing ALL of the dishes, because that left me with the energy to pull out and put up my Christmas decorations.

Christmas Decor '09


We're very sad here today.  We just finished another great visit with Nan and Pop Horne, and this was the hardest goodbye yet.  Why do they keep getting harder?  The kids absolutely adore them, and I know we're in for a rough couple of days adjusting to life without them again.

It really is true love:

Thanks Nan and Pop for coming to see us!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

Amos, Thanksgiving 2007

We hope everyone has a great day celebrating all we have to give thanks for.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving: Prologue

Thanksgiving week[end] has started off wonderfully for us. Yesterday, Eric came home from work early, loaded up the kids in the car and headed to the airport to pick up Nan and Pop Horne!

Amos insisted on picking out his own outfit for the ride to the airport, and he had to wear a tie.  Seriously, he wouldn't stop crying until I let him wear the tie:

 Yes, its blurry, that's how we roll these days.  I wanted you to get the full effect of the outfit:

 Amos is SO thrilled to have his Pa! Pa! and Nan! Na! here. I have to say I am feeling pretty good about it too. We finished up our Thanksgiving grocery shopping this morning (minus one elusive cheese cloth), hung our Christmas lights, and now it is nap time. We have much to be thankful for.

Monday, November 23, 2009


The kids and I had a really hard day today, and I called Eric about 4 p.m. to see if we could go to McDonald's for dinner tonight because 1. I did not have the energy and/or drive to cook and 2. the kids were driving me insane and I really needed them to get some energy out.  Thankfully, Eric had a better idea: Jaxies.  They have sandwiches, paninis, salads, and most importantly, a play area for kids!  I think we spent about the same as we would at McDonald's, but we ate A LOT better.  They even still had chicken nuggets for the kids (Maggie ate 5, Amos ate 1).     

The owners (Dee & Roger) of Jaxies are really nice.  Total strangers to us before tonight, but with some good service they really helped turn my day around.

So, go visit Jaxies in Spanish Fork (747 N Main St) just around the corner from The Italian Shop.  If you don't trust my endorsement, here's one from the Herald.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanksgiving Decor

My "Thanksgiving" decor is a little sparse this year.  I am just noticing what a short time span Thanksgiving has.  Combine that with our trip the first part of the month and not a lot of Thanksgiving has happened around here.  My "fall" decor is still up, so we're covered, but I would like more "Thanksgiving" eventually.  As with all holidays, I want to just add a few things over time.  This year I added two new "Thanksgiving" things.

This guy:

and this garland:

More on the garland here.  I bought the Native American (that's right, I'm PC) at Roberts for $4.  I didn't know he was only $4 or I would have bought his wife too...I haven't been able to make it back yet, but I am really hoping to still get the wifey.  Fingers crossed.

The goods news about not having very many Thanksgiving decorations is that they'll be quicker to take down when I put my Christmas decorations up NEXT FRIDAY!  (I am so ready).

Lunch Today

Lunch today was one of those moments, or rather a series of moments, that made me incredibly grateful to be a stay at home mom.  Amos finished his lunch first, and instead of causing trouble he decided to put on a show for Maggie.  He spun in circles, jumped up and down, and pretended to fall over.  She LOVED it.  She rewarded him with laughs and claps, and he kept performing for her.

After the performance, Amos found a slinky.  He would hand one end of it to Maggie, and then run away from her stretching it out.  She would let go and as it snapped back together they would both laugh.  He'd give her the end again, and they would do it all over, laughing harder each time.

I love my kids.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


My sister is always asking me for funny stories of the kids.  I never have any because I am not sure what's really funny, and what is funny because I am their Mom.  I think most are just because I am their Mom, and God needs me to laugh so I don't have a breakdown. 

Here's what I have for today:

Amos poured himself some bbq sauce while I was helping Maggie with her lunch.

Anyone laughing?