Friday, October 9, 2009

YouTube Sharing Time

Anyone else watch The Office last night?  I have to tell you, Eric and I were totally oblivious to the
YouTube video.  Seeing as how it has 27 MILLION views, I think we might be the only ones who haven't seen it yet.  In case you're like us:

I know its not exactly reverent, but I like it =) I am trying to decide if we could have gotten our friends do that for us.  I am pretty sure they would have been down. 

Do you watch Glee?

In honor of Friday, it's sharing time.  What are your favorite YouTube videos?  Add your name and/or a description and the link to the video below.  Thanks for sharing and I hope everyone has a great weekend. (And I am totally deleting the dirty ones).



Anonymous said...

Oh My Heck. I hadn't seen either of those. I can't believe the single Ladies one. I think they did a much better job on glee. OMG!!!!

Laura Horne said...

I am so flattered that Ari Gold has the time to read my blog ;)

Laura Horne said...

Nice book scanning video! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.