Wednesday, October 14, 2009


The UPS man sure knows how to make a girl's day. Today he brought me these:

Which I showed you before. But, also in the package was a "gift" from TypeTypeType, who makes those. It was this:


A Book of Mormon Reading chart that actually looks like something I would like to look at (and use!). I don't know if you can tell, but each of those little dots and dashes represent a chapter in the respective book. So, as you read you mark them off.

I swear if the stuff had look liked this when I was a young woman I may have cared. I was also pleasantly surprised when I looked at TTT's business card, she is located in Springville, UT! Way to represent.

And, the UPS man brought something else that we'll talk about tomorrow after I've had a chance to test it out...

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Andrea said...

amen to the if i had stuff like that when i was in young womans. how is the calling by the way?