Sunday, October 4, 2009


Amos' 2nd birthday was a great day.  Lacking the discipline of real parents, we let Amos' open his presents first thing.  We couldn't wait to see his happy little face.  I had wrapped all his presents on Friday, and then piled them up on the living room floor.  He was really interested in them immediately, and found every opportunity to go look at, poke, and cuddle with them.  He got so many presents, I think we're going to have to cancel Christmas this year.  He is one lucky/spoiled little dude.

Later we took Amos out for birthday lunch and on the way home we stopped at the Sweet Tooth Fairy Bakery and let Amos pick out any cupcake he wanted.  Being my son, he chose a double fudge cupcake with a cherry on top.    

Did I mention that Eric and I got to choose any cupcake we wanted too?  I chose peanut butter cup.  Eric chose vanilla.

The other noteworthy birthday activity was video chatting with lots of family.  Amos got to "see" his Nan and Pop Horne, Grammy and Grampy Shaver, Aunt Anna, Aunt Liz, and his Iverson cousins.  He LOVES to video chat.

Thank you everyone who thought of Amos yesterday, I know he feels very loved.


Nancy said...

Love picking out your favorite cupcake. What fun!

Chris and Paige Bell said...

It's nice to see you in some of the pictures. I think you are always the one taking them. You look great!