Tuesday, October 20, 2009

To Do

Lately I've had a problem with starting a lot of projects without finishing any of them. I've decided to start a "to do" list (over in the sidebar) to see if I can't hold myself a little more accountable.

As I've been browsing the plethora of creative blogs out there I have found tons and tons of ideas of things I could do, but I tend to forget about them as soon as I click on to the next page. So, I am going to add some of those things to the list too, so I don't forget.

First up, these chairs:

I bought them for $10/piece off of craigslist with the intention of reupholstering them. Eric helped me strip one down the other night, and it has really good guts. So, now, I just need to get into gear and finish them. We even bought the fabric already. Incredibly enough, I keep finding other things I'd rather do, like watching t.v. and searching the Internet for more ideas of crafts I could do.

So, now that I am accountable we'll see what happens. Just know if you don't see any progress it's because none is being made. I'll be sure to share if anything exciting happens =)

1 comment:

Andrea said...

i will be waiting patiently to see the progress of these chairs! good luck!