Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Library

The library is arguably our favorite room in the house. I am cheating a little here and counting a room that didn't actually need decluttering, but its fun to share anyway.

While I was reorganizing some pictures I found this one of the library from the "for sale" flier before we bought the house. So, here is a true "before":

To make the room into a library we put in some Ikea Billy bookshelves in black-brown.  We chose the darker color to make the room look a little more formal.

We added a nice reading chair and a trunk for a side table.

We already had all the books (they inspired the library), so it was just a matter of organizing them.  They are really Eric's babies, so he did most of that.  We put all the children's books around the bottom, so they'd be easily accessible for the little people.  We left a couple of the lower shelves open on purpose, to make room for the little people's (hopefully) growing collection.

Behind the glass we put some keepsakes, like these purses that belonged to Eric's grandma.

All of the art in the room is really special to us.  Above the bookcases are old newspapers that we found in Eric's Grandmother's scrapbook.  She kept the ones that related to the places that Eric's grandfather was serving during WWII.  We had them restored and framed by BYU's framing services and they did a fantastic job.

The art by the front door is fliers I collected during my days at Sundance.  They are all advertisements for different events that Sundance offered.  They struck me as beautiful then, so I hung onto them.  Now they've found their way into frames and onto our walls.  I love the reminder of my time at Sundance, and I still think they're beautiful.

Finally, we have my apothecary jars.  They were my favorite thing in the whole house for a while, then the newspapers came to be.  As you can see in the pictures above, they were too wide to all fit on the corner shelf, so we had them spread out on the top before the newspapers were up.  Once the newspapers were up Eric said they couldn't block the newspapers and we had a little disagreement.  One day while Eric was at work I was trying to put them up where I wanted them (and he didn't) and I dropped one back behind the bookshelves.  There was definite cracking of glass and I was heartbroken.  Eric was overjoyed.

Well, about a month later when my Mom was visiting, I told her the story.  She said we could fix it.  So, she helped me empty out the corner shelf and move it so we could rescue the broken vase.  The base of the vase was broken, but my Mom had the genius idea to put it in a square vase I already had to hold it upright.  The best part is that the square vase is more narrow than the original base, so all three fit in the corner now and don't block anything.  Everyone wins!

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Bonners said...

I am so jealous! I would love to have a library, but alas our small California home doesn't have room. Thanks for putting the Ikea bookshelves link in. I was wondering where you got them from then saw the link!

Cynthia said...

The library at Heritage Farms was by far my favorite room, too. For once you inherited something good from your mother.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your library! Love the shelves, love the purses, love the framed newspaper and the Sundance posters, love it all!

Andrea said...

LOVE the library. LOVE it! love all the books love the papers love the purses, LOVE IT!