Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Appointment

Have you heard of those? Many dentists offer them for small kids to come in to check things out. They let them sit in the chair, play with large plastic teeth and maybe even brush if they'll open wide enough. I booked Amos for one with my next check-up next spring. I'll let you know how happy it is.

Today, I had a "happy appointment." My final appointment to undo 7+ years of damage went well. It really didn't seem that bad, and everyone was oohing and ahhing over how much work I had done. Point being, if that's what a lot of work is like, I can totally handle a regular amount of work. The reason I quit going to the dentist was fear. Today I conquered that.

I have horrible, I mean horrible teeth, and the dentist has always been a really bad place to be. I remember being in trouble a lot, being yelled at (ok, probably being talked sternly too), and crying a ton. My latest experience was nothing like that. They weren't mean, and they didn't make me feel terrible (although I totally deserved it). I really appreciated how nice everyone was about my suckiness.

A LOT has changed since I was latest at the dentist almost a decade ago. It is really a tie over which improvement I find most pleasing: being able to watch t.v. or the laughing gas. Today I watched an entire episode of The View. It was great, I never get to just sit and watch The View. I also breathed in vanilla flavored laughing gas. The last time I got to watch t.v. and get high was, well, never.

Yesterday the dentist's office sent me an email reminding me of my appointment. I clicked a link and confirmed my appointment. Another change I can definitely get on board with.

So, I think I'll keep this dentist thing going. Although, maybe I could wait another 7 years. It wasn't that bad.



Laura Denner said...

I'm soooo with you on the dentist thing. I have been putting it off (although not as long as you) and I'm terrified to go. I assume it's just going to be worse once I get up the nerve to go. However, maybe your post will inspire me :)

Laura Horne said...

You can totally do it! Its not as bad as you think. The more you put it off, the worse it will get in your head.

Just schedule your appointment for when there is something good on t.v.

EHorne said...

There's nothing like doctors justifying 7 figure incomes by practicing 12th century brutality which is modern dentistry .