Sunday, October 4, 2009

Girl's Night Out

During conference weekend, it is common practice for stores to have Girls' night out sales and events on Saturday night during the Priesthood session. Crazy groups of women get together, go out to eat, then shop like mad. Last night, I found myself group-less, but I wasn't about to miss out on a sale.  So, I waited for Eric to get home from the Priesthood session, passed the parenting torch to him, and then showed up to Rod Works solo and fashionably late.

It was totally worth it.  Their deal for the night was 50% off any item in the store.  I had my eye on a certain window picture frame for a while, but at $100, it was way out of my budget.  They only had two of them at the store, and I was pretty sure they would both be gone by the time I got there.  Not so.  It was my lucky night!

Not only did they have the frame still, and not only did I get 50% off, but I got another $15 off from Rod Works rewards points.  I took this little treasure home for $35.  As you can see, its now sitting happily in my living room waiting for me to put family pictures in it.  I'll have to get back to you on that--choosing the pictures is going to be the hard part.    


Bonners said...

You gotta love Utah! Rod Works is one of my favs. I always like to go when I am in Utah. Love the frame, great deal!

Laura Horne said...

Next time you're in Utah we should totally do lunch and Rod Works. It is the best.

M,W, and CJ said...

I gotta start getting in on those sales! I've never even heard of such a thing, but I'll watch for it from now on :)

M,W, and CJ said...

Ok, I just realized how stupid I sounded in the last comment..... I have heard of sales before, just not SPECIAL sales for girls night out during priesthood session..... and ps- where is Rod Works? I love the frame.

Laura Horne said...

Wendy, I knew what you meant--maybe it's a Utah Valley thing? I would think they do them up in Salt Lake though too? There are Rod Works stores in Draper, Layton, Lehi(by Thanksgiving Point), & Springville. You should definitely check it out, they have really fun stuff. If you come to the one in Springville I'll totally go with you =)