Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Decluttering: The Garage, Part 1

Well, as promised, I started with the decluttering today. I used the kids' morning nap time to clean out the garage. I realized about halfway through that I am going to have to do the garage again at the very end because once you start moving stuff around more stuff turns up, and needs a new home. This will probably be true of most of the rooms and closets. I am determined to have everything find its best possible home though, no matter how much rearranging it takes.

Eric and I came to terms with having a one car garage a long time ago. Until we can get an outside shed, there is just no way two cars are fitting in there with our lawn mower, bikes, strollers, etc  So, as you can tell only one side is truly clean, although both sides are organized.  If you look closely you can see my naked chairs.  Completing those will open up a lot of room in the garage.  I am going to get those done before I spotlight the living room, and then we can come back to the garage again.  (This may be a never ending cycle).

That wall unit it the greatest invention ever.  You buy the track and then you can mix and match whatever hooks you need.  It has worked wonders for getting things off the garage floor.  Those white chest of drawers are going to live with Aunt Meg, so that'll open up some space too.  Maybe all of this will get me motivated to drive them up to her this week.

My favorite spot in the garage: the garden center.  I repurposed an old baker's rack into a nifty little spot to house all of my gardening paraphernalia.  Every spade, glove, and pot has a spot.

So far I've spent about 2 hours, and I am feeling better already.  And, as far as it being better than shopping, I found an pair of shoes I had been looking for in one of the tupperware, so it is just like shopping.  I think Eric is going to really appreciate being able to park in the garage come winter too.

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