Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Its 1 in the morning and I am feeling ambitious. It started a couple hours ago when I was thinking too loudly in bed and Eric told me to go work on my chairs. They are out in the garage though, and it is way too cold. So, I am browsing other people's blogs reading about all of the things they have accomplished instead.

I just found a blog where the main focus has been decluttering.  I'm finding myself inspired.  Plus, Sarah swears:
Decluttering feels BETTER than spending money/shopping. I swear to you.
See, she said, "I swear to you."  Truthfully, we've got a lot of house for four people, two of which are very small, and I am starting to feel like we're running out of space.  I know, its nuts.  I'm nuts.  So, tomorrow (after my nap) I am going to start decluttering, and I am going to document it.  We've accomplished A LOT in our first year and a half in this house and I would like to document that too.

I am going to add this to my "paying attention" New Year's Resolution and say that I am paying attention to clutter ;)  You'd better believe I am still paying attention...although the other things I was supposed to be paying attention too need some revisiting.  We'll get back to them after the decluttering. 

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