Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Charmed Story

I've been keeping a family blog for about two years now, and I have found it incredibly fulfilling.  I started just prior to my son's birth, in order to keep touch with our family that is spread all over the U.S.  My husband and I love to read back on the blog, and see all of the things we've done, how far we've come, how the kids have grown, and how we've changed.  There are so many priceless memories attached to raising small children and with the way my memory is, this is the perfect solution to never forget a thing.

So, why charmed?  When my husband and I were first married I was working up at the Sundance Resort and I had a terrible problem with sliding off the icy roads in the winter.  One night, exactly that happened, and I was stranded up the mountain on a cold, dark, stormy night.  I was so anxious and upset as I waited for the tow truck to come.  I was standing on the side of the road with a resort safety officer, who questioned an approaching man.

I heard the man say, "That's my wife."

I looked, and it was my "Prince in gray sweatshirt" approaching through the snowstorm.  He was there to rescue me, and I immediately felt safe.

This past week my Prince was out of town, and when he finally returned, all I could think was my Prince Charming is home.

So, one thing led to another and when I read the definition of the word "charmed" I knew it meant us.  We are so blessed and lucky, I want to always be reminded of that.  Sure, there have been hard times (like car accidents in snow storms), but most of all, we've been blessed.

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