Saturday, October 10, 2009

Busy Day

We have had an incredibly constructive Saturday.  We're exhausted and ready for bed at 6 p.m.

 This morning we went to the Elder's Quorum breakfast, stopping on the way to drop one of the cars off at Jiffy Lube.  After breakfast we traded cars at Jiffy Lube and headed to the fabric store and Michaels.  We came home and got both cars from Jiffy Lube (so, two round trips with two cars) and finally put the kids down for a nap. 

Our accomplishments for the day:
  • We finished the "art" for the media room.  We covered canvasses with fabric.  I had painted the canvasses with help from my Mom and Anna, but the painting just wasn't quite right.  So, we covered it up.
  • I made a "no soliciting" sign for our front door.  We get so many solicitors, they drive me nuts.  Girls Scouts are still welcome =)  In fact, if you know some, send them over.
  • Eric hung four new frames in the downstairs "foyer."  We purchased some very cool WPA prints, so once those arrive we'll put them in the frames.  Our Amos' namesake Amos II worked for the WPA during the depresssion, so they have special meaning for Eric, and now the rest of us.
  • We registered two cars, both requiring emissions tests and inspections.
  • We spent an hour at the McDonald's playplace.

  • And, some of us bathed.


Andrea said...

i love busy day's when things get done. there is such a sense of accomplishment.

Cynthia said...

Just getting the cars done is quite an accomplishment. I want to see the media room art.