Thursday, October 15, 2009


A couple weeks ago I won a $30 giftcard for Amazon, so I decided to spend it on something very fun.  I bought myself the new Wii Fit Plus (and some Little People for the kids). 

The Plus came yesterday after I had already worked out, so I saved it for today.  It was pretty cool.  The most notable feature, which didn't actually apply today, was the new multiplayer feature.  I can't wait for some Thanksgiving hula hooping with Nan and Pop! 

There aren't any new aerobic workouts, but there are some fun new "games," my favorite being Rhythmic Kung Fu.  At $20 retail, I'd say its worth it, but then again, I didn't pay for it =)


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Laura Denner said...

Thanks for the review, I hadn't looked into it yet at all, I need to get back in to using the Wii Fit Original for sure!