Sunday, September 20, 2009


Was a good day. Eric put trees in our yard! I've said it before, but our yard was desolate before we moved in, and we've slowly been plugging away at it. The most recent additions are these pretty ladies:

Blue Atlas Cedar

Witch Hazel

Australian Pine
(filler tree because this is technically the neighbors' property)

Weeping Beech

Eric did ALL of the work choosing, acquiring, and planting the trees. In fact, the boys did the nursery run (see Amos in the last post) while the girls went to Walmart for some fall treasures. I love these mums and my new pumpkin most of all:

Its starting to look pretty good out there. It is so cool to have trees of our very own.



Desiree said...

Love the new trees. It's the little things that make all the difference. Nice work Eric!

Anonymous said...

Looks lovely!! And I LOVE the pumpkin and mums- VERY cute!!

deveney said...

lovin the 'h' pumpkin, very cute! you are so domestic, wish i could be like you! are you excited to see us this week???

julie said...

I love the trees. I saw them the other day when i drove by your house. I'll admit, I covet them. Your yard is beautiful.

Emy said...

I love it! We have a Weeping Copper Birch in front of our home, and it's our favorite tree!