Sunday, September 27, 2009

Up Late

With Amos' 2nd birthday fast approaching, I have determined that being two is not terrible.

Amos is becoming such a little person.  Last night we had the best night ever, and we were just hanging out.  Yesterday was a pretty long day, so we put the kids to bed early, but Amos wasn't having it.  We could hear him playing away in his room, and after several attempts to get him to go to bed he was still awake.  So, we reinforced that bad behavior and let him out =)  He sat in bed with us and ate popcorn and watched Survivor.  We're pretty strict about bedtime, so he knew it was a special treat just to be awake.

When it was time for bed we laid down and turned off the lights.  We've never slept with the kids before, so we were really curious what he would do.  He laid in between us real quiet for about 30 seconds, then he started to rub his feet together cricket style.  Next he started giving kisses-one for Eric, one for me, and so on.  After that he grabbed my hand and hugged it to his chest.  Finally, he hopped up and left the room.  Curious what he would do loose all alone in a dark house I snuck after him.  He stopped to shut the baby gate on his way to the kitchen, then it was straight to the pantry.  No real surprise there.  He got the broom out of the pantry and was headed back down the hall to our room. At that point I couldn't control my giggling anymore and I got busted spying on him.

Once he saw me he started asking me for "seaches" (peaches).  I went into the pantry to get some, and by the time I had them Amos had gotten out a bowl and a bib and was patiently waiting by the high chair.  So, here he is at 10:45 p.m. eating peaches:

He never gets to be up when its dark out!  Eventually, tiredness overcame him and we had to put him to bed, but we had so much fun playing after bedtime.


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Meg Shaver said...

AWWW! That is hilar! and quite entertaining. I don't know if you following him or those pictures of him are even funnier?! ha ha