Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sharing Time

**note, don't start clicking on those links unless you have endless hours to waste**

I've been missing out. I love to read other people's blogs, but I had no idea how many incredible blogs were out there. I wanted to share the treasures I've stumbled upon lately:

Hostess {with the Mostess}

The Lettered Cottage

These two happen to be professionals, but my mind is blown!  I can't believe all the stuff they are able to create.  If you follow any of their links to their friends/associates there are endless ideas and creativity flowing.  Incredible.  I am really excited for all of the new ideas and inspiration.  Eric is thrilled for all new assignments he's been given to help me.

**photos from their respective websites



Andrea said...

tick. . .tock. . . tick. . . tock. . . time has been wasted. . . and wasted some more. fun links.

Laura Horne said...

Andrea, you could totally out-do both of them...its fun to look (and look and look) though, for sure!