Thursday, September 24, 2009

Quick Visit

We just finished another fun visit with Grammy and Grampy Shaver.

We picked them up at the airport on Monday afternoon and then spent some time at Temple Square, the Church History museum, and the Olive Garden =)

While we were walking around downtown Salt Lake, a fire truck, with lights flashing, pulled up to the Family History Library. This, of course, got our attention, and Grampy and Amos stopped for a little photo shoot with the truck (the fireman had already run off into the building, don't worry, it wasn't on fire).

Tuesday was a good, quiet day. There was a trip to the park, a couple of walks, a shopping trip to costco, and dinner at PF Changs with Meg.

Papa managed to catch our morning routine on camera...I sleep (under all those covers) while Amos watches Thomas the Train. It looks a lot worse on camera than it feels in real life =)

Wednesday morning we packed Grammy and Grampy up and put them back on a plane to Idaho. Amos said, "Bye, Bye Papa" all the way back to the Interstate.

We're grateful for the fun visit!


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