Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Princess Baby

With Pop being an elementary school principal, the Horne grandchildren have benefited greatly from book fairs (love them!). On their most recent trip, Pop brought Maggie the most perfect little book. It is Princess Baby by Karen Katz.

Yes, Maggie is a princess baby, but the real reason it is so perfect for her, is that its about a little baby girl who gets called all kinds of nicknames, and she only wants to be called "Princess Baby." I've said before that Maggie is a girl of many nicknames, but lately "Princess Baby" seems to be sticking =)

So, since Amos had a "Bean" themed 1st birthday party, Maggie will have a "Princess Baby" themed 1st birthday party. Yes, I found an excuse to make Maggie's party a princess party without being a cliche. Woot.

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