Thursday, September 17, 2009


We've been busy these past couple weeks. It started with one of the big quarterly Enrichments that I was in charge of (mother/daughter bake-off, so fun!), then there was the photoshoot with the kids (also, so fun). Then I had a dentist appointment (the first one in SEVEN YEARS).

Last Saturday we spent all day canning tomato sauce, and we got 3 whole jars =)

I had a dream the other night that those three jars were full of botulism, so I may not be able to bring myself to actually use them. It was good practice though.

This week there was another dentist appointment (trying to undo SEVEN YEARS of damage). In the midst of all this Maggie took her first step. We've also been enjoying playing in the rain.

And, I've been playing this game nonstop:

Seriously addicting. I've beat it now, so hopefully I'm done. Oh, and t.v. is back! Woot!

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Bruce said...

GO MAGGIE! First steps-yes.