Thursday, September 3, 2009

Clean Livin'

Lately, my little buddy has been obsessed with "shows" (showers). Its about even whether he means a shower or a bath, but either way, he's taking a lot of them. This morning he'd already taken a bath and a shower before 10 a.m. "Shows" time has gotten even more exciting lately because Maggie likes to play in the bath now too. She used to scream bloody murder the whole time she was in the bath, but one day she just decided she liked it and has been happy ever since.

I've been letting them take a bath while I get ready, clean the bathroom, put away laundry, etc. and it is working out great. My bathroom and closet have never looked so good. They play really nice together too, its fun to watch them:

Shower time is a little trickier, I haven't tried to put Maggie in there yet. But, they still manage to play together anyway:


Anna Shaver said...

Does Amos poop even when Maggie is in the bathtub because that would be even better.

Laura Horne said...

It hasn't happened...yet.