Saturday, September 26, 2009

Big Hole

Lately we've noticed the small dip in our front yard was getting larger and larger.  For most people this would be a horrifying realization (myself included).  For Eric, this was an adventure, an adventure that allowed him to dig a very large hole in our front yard.

Yesterday afternoon Eric started digging.  It wasn't long before a neighbor drove by and stopped to help him.  I don't think we've ever accomplished a single yard project without someone stopping an offering to help.  Good folks here in Springville.  Anyway, they dug down and found a leaking pipe that was the cause of all that sinking.  Eric fixed it, and thankfully overnight it held.  Today he will finish filling the hole back in, and the yard will be good as new! 

I tried to get Eric to get down in the hole to show how deep it was, but he said he wasn't getting back in that hole.


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