Monday, September 7, 2009

Apple. Tree. Not far apart.

I've found yet another parenting trait I inherited from my mother--the inability to hide presents. She was the worst at hiding presents. Her favorite spot was in the trunk of her car. It doesn't sound so bad, unless you take into consideration she drove vans and suvs that didn't have enclosed trunks. One peek over the back seat was all it took. My personal favorite was the year she figured out we knew about the trunk, so she took the presents out and laid them down in the garage next to her car. On top of my bike.

So, what does that have to do with me you might ask? Well, today I was cleaning up Maggie and her lunch in the kitchen and I heard animal sounds coming from the laundry room. Amos had found his birthday presents!

I got him some little people toys off craigslist, so they don't have a box or anything, but I never thought he'd know to pull a chair into the laundry room so he could access the top of dryer???

Anyway, he played and played with them. He was even so bold as to pull them down and shared with Maggie.

I guess I could use my Mom's old standby and threaten to take them back. What's craigslist return policy? Seriously though, I am in trouble if I can't hide presents from a two-year-old.

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Emy said...

My parents used the attic, which we kids didn't even know about until we were in high school.

Good luck in finding hiding places!