Wednesday, September 30, 2009


If I am in the "babies are everywhere and into everything" season of life, Amos is in the "commando" season of life. Yes, that kind of commando. His latest achievement is taking off his clothes and his diaper. This isn't such a bad thing, unless he's unattended. There hasn't been a nap time this week that I haven't gone in to get him and found him completely naked and/or commando. Yes, he got me good the first time he had taken his diaper off, but put his shorts back on. I didn't realize he wasn't wearing a diaper until it was too late. We'll leave it at that.

Today when I put him down for his nap I put his footie pajamas on him, hoping he wouldn't be able to get them off. When I went in to get him he had unzipped them and gotten his legs out. He wasn't able to undo the snap at the neck, so they had turned into a footie pajama cape. Perfect.

This afternoon he was playing when I noticed his diaper was coming out the ankle of his pants:

I thought he would be so much older before we had to start worrying about him keeping his pants on???

Save the Date

With all of this party planner blog browsing I am getting really anxious for Maggie's first birthday party.  Like I said before, the theme is Princess Baby.  My thoughtful friend, Britni, was paying attention and alerted me to the princess themed party stuff that was 70% off at Michaels.  Woot. 

I was planning on making most of the decorations, etc., but I got all of this stuff for $10!  I still have a few things I want to make, but if I get busy its nice knowing my bases are pretty well covered.

**if you're interested in a pirate themed party-they had a ton of really cute pirate stuff left too.


Crying over spilled milk

Today Amos had the biggest meltdown over spilled milk. Ok, it wasn't spilled, I dumped it out, but it was old and for his own good. Promise. Anyway, he was so very sad, but I found myself feeling happy. How lucky we are that his biggest problem is some spilled milk.  He threw a fit to end all fits, and in the end only this little face made him stop crying:

He thought the baby food on her head was so funny.  He kept saying, "hat! hat!" and then laughing.  How lucky those two are to have each other.  How lucky I am to have both of them.

I've been thinking a lot about seasons of life lately.  It came up in Relief Society on Sunday when someone mentioned that they were in the genealogy season of their life, and then again when I read about it on C Jane's blog, here.  I may want to be in the "have a perfect house" season of life, but I am slowly coming to terms with the "babies are everywhere and into everything" season I am really in.  Its not so bad.  Really, its pretty great.  Even if Amos just pulled my pottery barn basket, with the carefully written chalkboard label, off of the shelf so Maggie could sit in it.


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sharing Time

**note, don't start clicking on those links unless you have endless hours to waste**

I've been missing out. I love to read other people's blogs, but I had no idea how many incredible blogs were out there. I wanted to share the treasures I've stumbled upon lately:

Hostess {with the Mostess}

The Lettered Cottage

These two happen to be professionals, but my mind is blown!  I can't believe all the stuff they are able to create.  If you follow any of their links to their friends/associates there are endless ideas and creativity flowing.  Incredible.  I am really excited for all of the new ideas and inspiration.  Eric is thrilled for all new assignments he's been given to help me.

**photos from their respective websites


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Up Late

With Amos' 2nd birthday fast approaching, I have determined that being two is not terrible.

Amos is becoming such a little person.  Last night we had the best night ever, and we were just hanging out.  Yesterday was a pretty long day, so we put the kids to bed early, but Amos wasn't having it.  We could hear him playing away in his room, and after several attempts to get him to go to bed he was still awake.  So, we reinforced that bad behavior and let him out =)  He sat in bed with us and ate popcorn and watched Survivor.  We're pretty strict about bedtime, so he knew it was a special treat just to be awake.

When it was time for bed we laid down and turned off the lights.  We've never slept with the kids before, so we were really curious what he would do.  He laid in between us real quiet for about 30 seconds, then he started to rub his feet together cricket style.  Next he started giving kisses-one for Eric, one for me, and so on.  After that he grabbed my hand and hugged it to his chest.  Finally, he hopped up and left the room.  Curious what he would do loose all alone in a dark house I snuck after him.  He stopped to shut the baby gate on his way to the kitchen, then it was straight to the pantry.  No real surprise there.  He got the broom out of the pantry and was headed back down the hall to our room. At that point I couldn't control my giggling anymore and I got busted spying on him.

Once he saw me he started asking me for "seaches" (peaches).  I went into the pantry to get some, and by the time I had them Amos had gotten out a bowl and a bib and was patiently waiting by the high chair.  So, here he is at 10:45 p.m. eating peaches:

He never gets to be up when its dark out!  Eventually, tiredness overcame him and we had to put him to bed, but we had so much fun playing after bedtime.


Holy T.V. night.

Someone needs to tell the networks to lay off the Sunday programming...We have 7 shows on tonight, 2 of which are 2 hour specials. Yikes!  We're going to have to save some for later in the week.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Big Hole

Lately we've noticed the small dip in our front yard was getting larger and larger.  For most people this would be a horrifying realization (myself included).  For Eric, this was an adventure, an adventure that allowed him to dig a very large hole in our front yard.

Yesterday afternoon Eric started digging.  It wasn't long before a neighbor drove by and stopped to help him.  I don't think we've ever accomplished a single yard project without someone stopping an offering to help.  Good folks here in Springville.  Anyway, they dug down and found a leaking pipe that was the cause of all that sinking.  Eric fixed it, and thankfully overnight it held.  Today he will finish filling the hole back in, and the yard will be good as new! 

I tried to get Eric to get down in the hole to show how deep it was, but he said he wasn't getting back in that hole.


Friday, September 25, 2009

Still working on it

I'm still working on things...sorry if it gets annoying. My apologies for posting and reposting too, I am sure its driving your google readers nuts. I should be done soon =)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Quick Visit

We just finished another fun visit with Grammy and Grampy Shaver.

We picked them up at the airport on Monday afternoon and then spent some time at Temple Square, the Church History museum, and the Olive Garden =)

While we were walking around downtown Salt Lake, a fire truck, with lights flashing, pulled up to the Family History Library. This, of course, got our attention, and Grampy and Amos stopped for a little photo shoot with the truck (the fireman had already run off into the building, don't worry, it wasn't on fire).

Tuesday was a good, quiet day. There was a trip to the park, a couple of walks, a shopping trip to costco, and dinner at PF Changs with Meg.

Papa managed to catch our morning routine on camera...I sleep (under all those covers) while Amos watches Thomas the Train. It looks a lot worse on camera than it feels in real life =)

Wednesday morning we packed Grammy and Grampy up and put them back on a plane to Idaho. Amos said, "Bye, Bye Papa" all the way back to the Interstate.

We're grateful for the fun visit!



I didn't want to write about this, but I promised myself I'd write about the hard stuff too. In order to be true to myself, I wanted to share just a little bit about something that changed me forever.

On a May night in 2004, I was up late in my room in my apartment in Provo, UT. My cellphone rang and it was my sister.

"Brooke Wilberger is missing, and Dad's gone to look for her," she said.

In fact, a lot of people had gone to look for her. In the days that followed a massive search ensued to find beautiful Brooke. While those in Oregon searched, I stayed glued to the television news between classes. I anxiously waited for any news.

I felt a lot of anxiousness those following weeks. I remember a man at the bus stop standing behind me. I kept sidestepping so I could see him out of the corner of my eye, but he seemed determined to stay behind me where I couldn't see him. Yes, I know all rational thoughts told me what happened to Brooke happened hundreds of miles away, but if something could happen to her in broad daylight...

As the weeks and months passed those feelings faded and other responsibilities took over. I found myself writing for The Daily Universe, BYU's newspaper. I was on the campus beat, and I covered a lot of devotionals, service projects, etc. Until November. In November, Cammy Wilberger came to campus. I was asked to cover the story, and I was terrified. I had no idea what I was supposed to say to Brooke's mother, how I was supposed to ask her the hard questions. I knew Brooke, but I had never talked to Cammy before. My mom gave me the Wilbergers' phone number, and I called Cammy in Oregon. The woman on the other end of the phone showed nothing but gratitude that anyone was still showing interest in helping their family. She was kind and loving.

A few days later Cammy arrived on campus and held a press conference. That morning, a story I wrote previewing Cammy's visit ran on the front page of the newspaper. I covered the press conference and wrote another story. The next morning my story (found here) ran on the front page of the paper again. Two stories on the front page of the paper were a big deal to a young reporter. I remember calling my Mom so excited that I had made the front page. Then, it hit me, hard, I had made the front page because of a horrible situation. I felt awful that I had been so selfish and thoughtless to only think of myself and to even consider it "my" accomplishment. I could have done a lot of good if I would have followed Cammy's lead and exercised some humility and gratitude. I realized then that maybe I wasn't cut out to be a journalist, not because I couldn't write, but because I wasn't sure I wanted to know the side of myself that used other people's tragedies to get ahead. I finished out that semester at the paper, and then finished my degree, but I merely went through the motions after that experience.

As the years have passed, I have thought about Brooke and the Wilbergers often. I have continued to follow the story, and have hoped for some sort of closure for everyone. Monday it was announced that Brooke's remains had been found. I felt shock, sadness, and relief. Even though I knew a suspect had been arrested and was headed to trial, I guess I was still subconsciously hoping that Brooke was alive somewhere. The past few days I've found myself once again glued to the news, waiting to see what happened. There is a lot of junk and negativity out there still, but again, Cammy Wilberger shines through as a gracious woman who is grateful. I know Cammy wouldn't want any of this to be about her, but I think its important to recognize her impressive example. Its been hard for me as an onlooker, I don't dare to imagine how hard it has been for her family. At this time, I find myself grateful for my knowledge of the Plan of Salvation. I know the Wilbergers have an eternal perspective, and I know that has helped them through this extremely difficult time.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Was a good day. Eric put trees in our yard! I've said it before, but our yard was desolate before we moved in, and we've slowly been plugging away at it. The most recent additions are these pretty ladies:

Blue Atlas Cedar

Witch Hazel

Australian Pine
(filler tree because this is technically the neighbors' property)

Weeping Beech

Eric did ALL of the work choosing, acquiring, and planting the trees. In fact, the boys did the nursery run (see Amos in the last post) while the girls went to Walmart for some fall treasures. I love these mums and my new pumpkin most of all:

Its starting to look pretty good out there. It is so cool to have trees of our very own.


Saturday, September 19, 2009


Today was a great day...more later.


Friday, September 18, 2009

Keep Calm and Carry On

Oh boy, I think this rug really wants to come live in my house.

This prudent phrase, coined in 1939 and intended for use to encourage World War II-era Britons to strengthen their resolve, is just simply perfect. So, the question is, is anyone over in the UK willing to hook me up?


New Look

Just trying some new things out.


Thursday, September 17, 2009


We've been busy these past couple weeks. It started with one of the big quarterly Enrichments that I was in charge of (mother/daughter bake-off, so fun!), then there was the photoshoot with the kids (also, so fun). Then I had a dentist appointment (the first one in SEVEN YEARS).

Last Saturday we spent all day canning tomato sauce, and we got 3 whole jars =)

I had a dream the other night that those three jars were full of botulism, so I may not be able to bring myself to actually use them. It was good practice though.

This week there was another dentist appointment (trying to undo SEVEN YEARS of damage). In the midst of all this Maggie took her first step. We've also been enjoying playing in the rain.

And, I've been playing this game nonstop:

Seriously addicting. I've beat it now, so hopefully I'm done. Oh, and t.v. is back! Woot!