Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Shaver Family 2nd Annual Staycation

The kids and I just got home from our 2nd Annual Staycation with my family in Boise. Eric couldn't come this year, and we missed him a lot. We had a great time though. I apologize I didn't take many pictures, I guess I was too busy having fun.

The schedule-
Monday: We went and saw "Footloose" at the Starlight Theater. VERY cool outside venue, not the greatest acting/dancing, but a good time! Amos really liked the show...he would clap and cheer and even danced along a little. I think the people in our section watched him more than the play.

Arriving at the theater:

Tuesday: Boat day. I stayed home and babysat the non-boaters (read: babies) with Grammy. It worked out for me as I get "seasick."

Wednesday: Lunch at Tucanos and a trip to Monkey Bizness. I think Monkey Bizness was definitely my favorite activity. It is an indoor playplace for kids. They had one of those huge slides, bounce houses, climbing gyms, a toddler area full of foam blocks, a climbing wall, playhouses, etc. Amos just ran around and around having a blast. Amos wasn't supposed to go down the big slide alone, so I went with him. I was climbing up behind him, but when he got to the top he didn't miss a beat, he just jumped right over the edge. He loved it! I was still sitting at the top trying to get my courage up and he was already climbing right back up. We also celebrated Meg's birthday on Wednesday with a trip to Shaved Ice and playing in the water fountain.

Amos and cousin Morgan:

Thursday: Roaring Rapids Waterpark. Thankfully it was $10 admission day, because we didn't last long. It was windy and a little cool and that combination doesn't work well with water and my nieces and their 2% bodyfat. We had a good time floating the lazy river. Amos did the slide in the toddler area once.

Friday: Zipline. Monkey Bizness:Amos as Zipline:Laura. It was sooo awesome. Everyone else ziplined last year, but I couldn't go because I was pregnant. This was my year and I loved it. There were 7 lines, some short and some looong. Again, so awesome.

Liz getting ready to zip:

Josh and I:

Mixed in with all the official staycation events was lots of jumping on the trampoline, truck riding, shopping, swimming, hot tubbing, movie watching, food eating, and time with the kiddos.

Amos truck riding:

Maggie poolside:

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Anonymous said...

You guys know how to party! It sounds like you all had a lot of fun!