Monday, August 31, 2009

Blowing Bubbles

Jumping Jacks

While Nan and Pop were visiting we had the chance to go check out Jumping Jacks. You can see it off the interstate in Springville, and I always get advertisements for it in the mail, so I had always wanted to check it out.

Amos was pretty hesitant about the blow up slides at first. All he wanted to do was play with the 'little' kid toys:

Once he warmed up, however, he had a great time climbing sliding and jumping. Pop and Eric took turns playing with him so they could keep up.

Maggie had some fun while we were there too. She seemed to understand the bouncing, and she would bounce herself on her knees. She did the slide one time too.

The lady looked at us a little crazy when we said we wanted all three adults to accompany one child, but we got our money's worth:

I was a little worried how we were going to get Amos out of there, but after a couple hours he was so exhausted, he didn't put up any kind of fight. I did tell the lady at the door that we'd be back =) I'm thinking season passes next summer.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Blogging Soon

We are sleeping off our latest visit from Nan and Pop. There is much to blog about tomorrow...

Monday, August 24, 2009

9 Month Check-up

Maggie had her 9 month check-up last Friday and she is doing very well. The doctor was really proud of her. There was an intern there during our appointment, so Dr. Johnson told the intern all about Maggie's birth and how she got sick, and how it was handled, etc. Then Dr. Johnson said, "But, look at her now!"

Weight: 17 lb., 2 0z (25%)
Height: 26.75 in (25%)
Head: 43.2 cm

Maggie's latest trick is pointing her fingers. She's gotten to where she can touch her two index fingers together while they're pointed, but she has to concentrate really hard. She's really interested in her hands, and spends a lot of time examining them. She's also started to stand on her own, without holding anything.

Girls' Night Up

My little sister, Meg, recently moved down to Salt Lake, and one of the perks is that she comes over for dinner on Sunday nights. When she's here we love to stay up all night playing. Usually its just me and Meg, but last night we had a special guest:

Yep, that clock reads 12:11 a.m.! Maggie was being so sweet, that we thought we'd let her stay up as long as she wanted to. I was sort of curious what would happen, but she stayed really happy. She just played and played. She made it all the way to 1:20 a.m. =) That's my girl.

The best part of our fun night, Maggie is still sleeping and its almost 11 a.m.!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Small Moments

Yesterday the whole family was outside playing in the yard, well, Eric was mowing it, the rest of us were playing. Anyway, Maggie and I were playing in the grass and Amos was bouncing around in the garden. After a little bit, Amos came over to us and gave me a grape tomato and said, "Mmmm." He wanted me to eat it =) Eric taught him to pick only the red ones, so he was down there eating tomatoes and decided he wanted to share. There is a sweet heart in that little boy. It was such a small moment in the grand scheme of things, but those are the moments that matter most.

Another small moment we've had lately, is that Amos wants Eric to sit at his table and play with him all the time. It is so sweet to see my boys playing together. They're not playing the most incredible game, and most of the "rucks" are broken in one way or another, but it doesn't matter to either one of them.

Hamster Ball

On our most recent trip to Ikea, Eric and I splurged on a play tent for Amos ($7.99). We were so excited and got it all set up, I even put some blankets and pillows in it to make it seem like a really cool hangout spot. Well, Amos took one look at it, and thought in his little head: "Hamster Ball!" He immediately threw himself into the sides of it, rolling all over the room. We laughed soo hard with him as he crashed into everything, and eventually ended up outside of the playroom.

Sadly, the fun is over, it didn't take long for Maggie to become his favorite target. We took the tent down, and we'll try it again when he's matured a little (so, like 25 years from now). Eh, it was fun while it lasted.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Flour Power

Amos has a knack for getting into things, but yesterday was a first--Maggie got in on the action!

They're lucky they're cute.

Friends Again

For those of you who are worried about Amos and Maggie, its not all pushing and shoving:

That's a kiss at the end, by the way.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


We recently bumped Maggie from her carseat, and she's getting quite comfortable riding in the cart. She rode the whole shopping trip with her one little leg up like that.


Up to this point parenting has been fairly simple: feed, clean, clothe, repeat. With his rapidly approaching 2nd birthday, Amos has decided to make life a little more complicated. He's turned into a bit of a bully. He shoves, pushes, and hits Maggie fairly frequently. We've been putting him in timeout A LOT and it clearly isn't working (like Albert Einstein once said: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”). Sometimes he hits her again on his way out of timeout.

Lately he's been playing with other kids, and the same behaviors seem to be emerging. I really don't know what to do about it.

Today I put him in timeout standing, staring at the wall in an effort to make him more uncomfortable. We'll see if that "helps." At least it was funny. Don't worry, I hid my laughter.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Oh, yeah, and...

...Anna's boyfriend, Brandan, joined us for part of Staycation. It was nice to have him there to mix things up a little.

Hopefully we didn't scare him off.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Eric puts the "awesome" in "awesomeness." He is so great about always having a surprise for me when I get back from my trips. This time might have been one of the coolests...he finished the shelving in my food storage closet. It is so perfect, I can't believe it. It's like he took the picture in my head and made it better. I have so much room for all of my couponing sale stocking up, I can't believe it.

Not only did Eric put up the shelves, but he moved the food from the pantry onto them. He organized it so neatly:

I know it looks like my food storage consists of soda and fruit snacks, but I've got the other stuff too, promise:

#10 cans with room for lots more!:

All of my free bbq sauces, ketchups, and mustards. Thank you Albertson's sales:

So Big

Maggie really seemed to grow up this week at Grammy and Grampy's. It may have something to do with Amos being too busy tormenting his cousin to bug Maggie, but she seemed to have a really good week. Last night she started telling us she was "so big" all the time, I thought I had about 10 more years before she would tell me she was old enough...

Maggie really enjoyed her time with Grampy. He started calling her his "Sweet Bah Boo" and I think she really liked it.

The Shaver Family 2nd Annual Staycation

The kids and I just got home from our 2nd Annual Staycation with my family in Boise. Eric couldn't come this year, and we missed him a lot. We had a great time though. I apologize I didn't take many pictures, I guess I was too busy having fun.

The schedule-
Monday: We went and saw "Footloose" at the Starlight Theater. VERY cool outside venue, not the greatest acting/dancing, but a good time! Amos really liked the show...he would clap and cheer and even danced along a little. I think the people in our section watched him more than the play.

Arriving at the theater:

Tuesday: Boat day. I stayed home and babysat the non-boaters (read: babies) with Grammy. It worked out for me as I get "seasick."

Wednesday: Lunch at Tucanos and a trip to Monkey Bizness. I think Monkey Bizness was definitely my favorite activity. It is an indoor playplace for kids. They had one of those huge slides, bounce houses, climbing gyms, a toddler area full of foam blocks, a climbing wall, playhouses, etc. Amos just ran around and around having a blast. Amos wasn't supposed to go down the big slide alone, so I went with him. I was climbing up behind him, but when he got to the top he didn't miss a beat, he just jumped right over the edge. He loved it! I was still sitting at the top trying to get my courage up and he was already climbing right back up. We also celebrated Meg's birthday on Wednesday with a trip to Shaved Ice and playing in the water fountain.

Amos and cousin Morgan:

Thursday: Roaring Rapids Waterpark. Thankfully it was $10 admission day, because we didn't last long. It was windy and a little cool and that combination doesn't work well with water and my nieces and their 2% bodyfat. We had a good time floating the lazy river. Amos did the slide in the toddler area once.

Friday: Zipline. Monkey Bizness:Amos as Zipline:Laura. It was sooo awesome. Everyone else ziplined last year, but I couldn't go because I was pregnant. This was my year and I loved it. There were 7 lines, some short and some looong. Again, so awesome.

Liz getting ready to zip:

Josh and I:

Mixed in with all the official staycation events was lots of jumping on the trampoline, truck riding, shopping, swimming, hot tubbing, movie watching, food eating, and time with the kiddos.

Amos truck riding:

Maggie poolside:

Meg's driving btw.

Almost Home

We're driving home from Boise and we've got about 2 hours to go. We'll
stop and drop Meg off in SLC and then it's straight home to Eric. A
week is too long to be without our Dada.

So far Amos has watched Peter Pan, The Fox and The Hound, and 101
Dalmations. Peter Pan was by far his favorite, but now he's taking a
little rest.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


The Provo house is officially sold. You can stop praying/crossing your fingers for us now. I guess the third time really is a charm. Its an all the way done deal, so there is no chance I am jinxing anything by telling you all again.

Here it is, one final post about the Provo house:

One of the things I was most excited for about this house was that there was room in the kitchen for a table. We had some great dinners at that table with our family and friends:

The Provo house was Amos' first house. He'll never remember it, but we'll never forget the time we had there with him as a baby. He managed to take over the whole house with all his things, forcing us to look for a new house ;)

We had the absolute best bbqs ever at the Provo house. We really need to start doing that again:

I know, some random thoughts, but as always, I don't want to forget. We learned a lot from our first house. It definitely was not always easy, but we worked hard and enjoyed it. Someday, when we're bringing Amos out to his freshman year at BYU, I am sure we'll drive by the house and tell him all about it.