Monday, July 20, 2009

Time Flies

We've been busy! Our weekend just flew by, and now its already Tuesday. It was a quiet weekend with some furniture "window" shopping, a bbq with Eric's work buddies, small basement projects, nap taking, movie watching, and family time.


Amos: Obsessed with "rucks" (in adult speak: trucks). I hear about every "ruck" Amos ever sees multiple times. He plays with his "rucks" all day and I find little lines of them everywhere. Lately he's started to mimic what I say. Its funny because he won't say any of the words, but he'll mimic my intonations, so I know exactly what he's saying.

Maggie: Has the big news! She learned how to pull up on things AND she has two teeth now. She's been generally ornery the last few days and it was sort of frustrating, but the teeth explain it all. Poor thing, teeth came in two at a time just like Amos' did. They are only bottom teeth though, so I am worried about the top teeth.

Amos is having a little trouble with Maggie's new accomplishment, it seems to bother him for some reason. He likes to pull her down =(

He's still a great brother though, helping out with the bink:

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