Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Amos has been "The Bean" since he was about 3 days old. There have been variations like "Beanie Baby" used, but he's been pretty consistently nicknamed "The Bean." Maggie, on the other hand, is a girl of many nicknames. I thought I would document a few and their origins.

Prune face. Yes, prunes.

Peanut Butter: When Maggie was just a couple weeks old Eric brought her into me one morning while I was sleeping. He put her in my arms, and I snuggled up and said, "Mmm. Peanut Butter."

Maggles: This one came from Eric. I think he just liked it.

Moo Moo: "Maggie Moo" just sort of rolls off the tongue, and it was eventually shortened (?) to "Moo Moo" or just "Moo."

Crazy Cracker: Probably my favorite, this describes a certain behavior of Maggie's. When we go in to get her after a nap she goes nutso. She squeals and crawls around as fast as she can in circles. Sort of like "Peanut Butter" this one just popped out one day and stuck. (Note: we mean cracker, like the thing you put your cheese on, not the perjorative version. We have a definite food theme going here.)

Cheesy Bread: This is the follow up to "crazy cracker". A while ago there was a Pizza Hut commercial promoting free cheesy bread. As part of the commericial a little girl overhears her parents saying the cheesy bread was free, so she takes it out in the backyard and tries to set the cheesy bread free while saying, "You're free cheesy bread, you're free!" So, when I let the crazy cracker out of her crib I say, "You're free cheesy bread, you're free!"

Maggoo: When texting about Maggie, my iphone always tried to correct her name to "Maggoo."

Baby: We probably refer to Maggie as "Baby" like 70% of the time. This is what Amos calls her, so when we're trying to tell him something about Maggie, we always say "Baby."

I just love this dazed look. So goofy.

When Amos had his "Bean" themed 1st birthday party my Mom joked that we better nickname the next baby "Chocolate." At this point, I think "chocolate" might be the only nickname that hasn't stuck...I'll have to work on that.

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Meg Shaver said...

I can't believe you forgot Magalisious!