Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dear Craig,

Thank you for your list.


Seriously, I hate craigslist, but I must give credit where credit it due. I hate the idea of having to go to someone's house to look at whatever it is they're selling, then deciding how to tell them you don't want it, or even that you do want it. I really don't like the idea of strangers coming to my house either (it goes both ways). Those initial contact calls are always SO awkward. Anyway, onto the treasures...

I browse Craigslist out of boredom most of the time, because we don't really need anything. But, with the opening of the basement right around the corner I have been looking a little more seriously. Yesterday I found this dresser and nightstand for Maggie's room:

Yes, she now has the nicest furniture in the house. I was totally hesitant about driving all the way to Highland to look at them, but it was worth it. I really owe it to Eric who made sure I didn't chicken out. The suburban proved itself yet again, and we got all the stuff home in one trip. I forgot to take a picture of the suburban all packed, but basically we all had little airpockets to breath out of and that was it.

I think the real thanks here goes to the people in Highland who couldn't fit these treasures in their mansion (seriously).

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