Friday, June 26, 2009

Toddler Beds and Cages

Amos' sleeping situation has gotten even weirder...

Since we've been home from Boise I set up the pack n' play in his room and he's been sleeping in it at night and taking his naps in it. Eric thinks this is in some way cruel. I am not exactly sure why, something about a caged animal? Anyway, Eric has made it his special project to "bed" train Amos. So, last night he put Amos into his toddler bed and said good night. Of course, we could hear Amos up playing in a matter of minutes, so Eric went in and put him back into bed. This happened a couple more times, but Eric kept at it. On a side note: one of the times we could hear him, but couldn't find him. He was looking out his window, so he was hiding behind the blinds. He went quiet when we called him, so we had to turn on the lights to find him. It was pretty comical. Anyway, this morning when I went in to get him I was surprised to find him in his pack n' play. I didn't think Eric would give up so easily.

So, tonight we put him into his toddler bed again. I checked him a couple times, and he was staying in it, although not falling asleep. He finally went quiet, so I went in to check on him and the toddler bed was empty...but WHERE WAS HE?Yeah, he was totally in the pack n' play! He has somehow figured out how to get into it, and wants to be in it? So much for Eric's caged animal theory...unless we broke him?

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