Sunday, June 21, 2009

More Rodeo

As Eric posted before, we went to the Rodeo on Friday night. It was really fun. I have never been to a rodeo before, and I really liked it. I learned a lot too. It was really cool to see all the animals, cowboys, rodeo princesses, and rodeo clowns. I really think I was meant to be a rodeo princess =) We went with our friend Andrea, and new friends Julie and Phil. Its always fun to see Andrea! I should also mention that there was really good food! The rodeo was part of Pleasant Grove's strawberry days, so there were lots of really yummy strawberries and cream.

I don't think Eric will love this picture, but I think its funny, and he's a good sport. Like I said, the food was good =) Maggie didn't quite get the concept of leaning back for the picture, so she didn't quite make the cut.

The kids were both on their best behavior, I think there was so much activity they didn't have a chance to get bored. As usual, we bribed Amos with some M&Ms, but he didn't really need them:

These pictures are all from Andrea's camera, Thanks Andrea!


Andrea said...

so fun to see you guys. so fun to laugh and maybe secretly wish we were one of those cowgirls. . . or at least had the outfits. . .thanks for coming! . . . glad you had fun too!

Anna said...

I love Amos's serious face... and Laura, your hair looks really good.