Friday, June 19, 2009


Since I last discussed the Provo house we have been on the worst roller coaster I can imagine. The buyers backed out completely (as I said before), and it should have ended there. Well, it didn't. They have been jerking us around for a week and a half now and I have. HAD. IT. I've been trying to describe the situation in words, and I just don't feel like I am able to properly convey the frustration and anxiety this has been. I know how lucky I am that this is my biggest problem/concern, but I am still really struggling with the situation. I feel like Eric and I have tried to do everything right, we worked so hard to keep that house in good shape, and to even improve it. I have been struggling to understand what we are supposed to be learning from all of this and last night it hit me, maybe this isn't a "trial," maybe this is a "blessing."

So, anyway, here's the story as best as I can put it into words:

First, there were three days of rumors that they weren't really backing out, but nothing written. Then they finally got us a list of written demands that was crazy. Pretty much they wanted the 1944 house they put an offer on to become a 2009 house all at our expense. These were not things that "had" to be done, they were things we lived with and that I am sure they would live with if they were the ones that had to pay for it too. In spite of their overly high expectations, we tried to compromise with them, because we know we're selling a house in a crap market, etc. They also had the added benefit of being able to keep their initial closing date. So, we agreed to fix most everything, but tried to split the costs of one ridiculously large request, and initially it seemed like that would work. But, in the end they wouldn't compromise at all...

So, we did the most liberating thing we've done in a while...we told them to go away!

I know, it seems so risky to hope for something better to come along, but I am telling you the deal we were working so hard for with them was not good. There really does come a point when its more worth it to not make a deal at all than to take a crappy one, and I am really glad we didn't let them frustrate/trick/confuse/pressure us into making a crappy deal.


EHorne said...

What's frustrating about it is that it's not like they're being savvy negotiators... they're just completely naive, idiots. They wanted the 1944 wiring updated to current code and the roof re-shingled, among other things - $10,000 in total repairs.

I'd like to feel some compassion for them, it's a woman trying to buy a house for her family while her husband is in Iraq, but I'm not interested in making a charity case out of my equity.

Kelli said...

Ugh...I'm so sorry you have to deal with this, BUT..I'm really proud of you for telling them where to go:)

I agree with Eric's comment. It shouldn't be a charity case at all, there are plenty of places she can live without trying to squeeze a million bucks out of you guys. Way to stick to your guns!

Emy said...

No kidding, if she wants a 2009 house, maybe she should make an offer on a house built in 2009?? Sheesh.

I really have to say I don't miss the Utah Valley Cheap-O mentality that seems to be so pervasive out there... yikes.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, she's totally trying to take advantage of you guys - knowing that the market is crappy AND letting it be known that her husband is in Iraq? LOTS of womens' husbands are in Iraq. I'm sorry, I hope that doesn't make me sound insensitive, but that shouldn't get her everything she wants, either. I agree with Emily - maybe she should make an offer on a house that was built in 2009!