Monday, May 11, 2009

Successful Night

Couponing is going great. I put off my trip this "week," but I think I still did ok. A couponer's week begins on Wednesday with the sales, and ends on Tuesday, before the next sale starts. So pretty much when I did my shopping tonight (Monday) it was like shopping on Saturday night. The shelves were picked pretty clean, but I still managed a pretty good night.

When I walked in the door I told Eric my trip had been monumental. He said, "Why? Did you get all that stuff for $5?" He was being a smarty pants, but he was right! (Well, close to right).

Here are my purchases:

Design Credit: Eric Horne

3 BBQ Sauces
5 Mac N' Cheeses
6 Apple Juices
2 Block of cheddar cheese

Here is my receipt:

Total: $7.24
Saved: $44.61.

BUT, my purchases also generated a $1.50 catalina (those things that print at the end of your transaction, I always ignored them until I wised up). A catalina like this one is as good as cash, on my next purchase. So, I could consider it like I got all that stuff for $5.74 (7.24-1.50)

Either way, 16 items for $7.24. I also earned $.05 off per gallon at the Albertsons gas pumps.

Eric thinks its hilarious how long my receipts have gotten. Not because I buy more stuff, but because each item has two lines now, one for the item, and one for its coupon:

I went to Walmart this past week to see if I was really saving that much money by doing this, and I have to say, yes. Definitely yes. I think the easiest way to "make" more money is to make the money that you already have work for you. I feel pretty good about my $7 worth tonight.


Stephanie said...

Ya it looks like I am going to have to do more coupon shopping. I always just go to walmart because I am too lazy to go around to different stores. Any tips for me?

Laura Denner said...

As a single and fairly broke gal this is very inspiring...however, I don't think I have room in my studio apartment for that much apple juice. It does make me want to look into coupons more though!

Laura Horne said...

Stephanie--Believe it or not, Albertsons is the way to go. I pretty much only shop at Albertsons now.

Go here: and then go to the Utah forum.

Multiple Sunday papers is also the way to go.

Laura--I'll send Amos to help you with your excess Apple Juice, and maybe some Spanish?

Andrea said...

i am impressed. truly impressed. . . . and now really wanting to drink a tall glass of apple juice.

EHorne said...

My wife rocks - you should get yourself some Tom shoes with all the money you save.

Laura Horne said...

Then it wouldn't be saved money anymore =(

Kelli said...

I am truly inspired and need some serious lessons! Good job Laura!

Anonymous said...

Dito on Kelli! That rocks! I'm starting tomorrow!
P.S. Holy receipt!