Friday, May 15, 2009

Provo House Update

So...I think I am going to get an ulcer from trying to sell this house. Ok, it really hasn't been that bad, especially considering our "economic climate" (gag), but I still don't like it very much. Buying a house is MUCH better.

After the deal fell through last week, we re-approached the second offer that we had initially rejected. We got them up to where we wanted the price to be, just slightly lower than the first deal, and signed the contract to get to them today by 6 p.m. Well, our agent just called and another offer is coming in (that'll make three total). Trouble is, they can't get it to us until after our 6 p.m. deadline tonight. So, we risk losing the most recent deal if we wait on the third. Bleh. So, for everyone who forgot to pray and/or cross your fingers last time-get to it. For those of you who did pray and/or cross your fingers last time, try a little harder =)

Hopefully, we'll be back under contract by this time tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

May the best offer win!