Saturday, May 30, 2009

One Room Down

We finished a room today! Awesomeness. Its about time we caught a break. We used the storage room to learn how to lay the hardwood, so that makes it our first completed room. We went ahead and did the trim work too, since that's the only other thing it needed. It looks so good, our food storage will be so happy to have its new home. Its totally the last room we needed finished, but by default it jumped to the front of the line. Its just good to have one done.

And then there's the playroom...I finished fixing the stripes today. Aside from the color not being what I wanted/expected, the tape pulled up a TON of paint when we removed it. Since I didn't want to risk taping again and pulling up more paint, I "fixed" it by hand. I could have a full wall mural for the time I spent painting those stupid stripes. Oh well. Its behind me now.

Welcome to the YMCA. We offer courses in First Aid certification, CPR, and Babysitter Certification. Open Gym is on Tuesday nights 5-8 p.m. Just kidding! I am hopeful at this point that I may be able to redeem the room with some stylish art.


Cynthia said...

I think it all looks fantastic. Way to go Eric and Laura.

Andrea said...

i too think it looks fantastic. the stripes are SUPER cute. good work!

Kelli said...

Oh sister...I could have told you to stay away from the stripes! It looks amazing, but they are such a nightmare! Remember Eli's room? I think I started on it when I was 6 months pregnant:)

deveney said...

i love it and totaly want a membership to your ymca! i am sure the classes will be fab:)