Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy Church Day

Today Amos was all ready for church-white shirt, tie, shoes on, etc. and at the very last minute HE decided he wanted to wear one more accessory:

We may have lived in Springville too long already.

After church we came home and had some lunch. Thankfully, Eric had the foresight to take off Amos' church clothes. Amos has been doing really well with eating with a spoon by himself, but for some reason today, it didn't go so well. At one point he was wearing the pudding cup like a hat. What's with this kid and inappropriate hats?

He's clean now, and all that remains are these pictures and one pudding hand print on the side of the bathtub:

Final notes: Amos made it all the way through nursery without having to come out, AND the Provo house is back under contract. Let's make it stick this time people.


Desiree said...

That's awesome
Yeah for the provo house. :) Yes, hopefully it sticks. We'll be keeping our fingers crossed, and hey if it helps I could always blog about it.... :)

Adam & Samantha said...

Hey eric and laura! its sam and adam daniel! we havent seen you since last summer and you were pregnant and amos was so little. your family is so cute, we should get together soon.