Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Escape Artist

Yes, that title means what you think it does. Here is what has been happening:

Unbelievable! I put that orange blanket there because I was afraid something like that would happen. Little did I know I've been enabling him!

Seriously, though, what am I going to do?


Andrea said...

okay that is UNBELIEVABLE and awesome all at the same time. He's a dare devil.
Did you set the camera up before he went to sleep?
so funny.

Emy said...

Toddler bed?

Laura Denner said...

That is quite the escape! What a gymnast!

Anonymous said...

That made me laugh out loud! I SWEAR you can see him smiling as he runs over to the camera, like, "ha ha, GOTCHA!!" I agree with Emily, though - it may be toddler bed time.

deveney said...

that is crazy, homeboy just launches himself funny...but very sad for you. looks like todler bed and learning to stay in bed-great.(said very sarcastically!)

Ashley said...

hahahah! I love how he just flops right on over and doesn't even make a sound!

Susan Olivia said...

What a precious child! He is going to do great things. Timothy Godwin sent this link to his mom, and she sent to me (I'm her sister). This is HILARIOUS! Brings back memories (my "baby" is now 27, and a former Marine).

Good luck with that angel! (And don't listen to those who call him a dare "devil"!)

Susan Morris