Saturday, May 23, 2009


Today was a crappy day. It started out nice enough, but quickly went south. We went to Home Depot first thing, and it was just a huge challenge with Amos. He has gotten REALLY wild lately and trying to focus on anything is really hard when you have to watch him. We ended up having to bail and only get half the stuff we went for, which, silver lining, was good because we went over our tile budget by double! BLEH.

When we got home we realized we needed another tool before we could do the tile we just spent all that money on, so again, BLEH. We decided to keep moving forward with some of the other things we still needed to do anyway. We painted the stripes in the playroom, and instead of looking "pottery barn" it looks like a McDonald's Playplace, or a YMCA. In fact, we were at the playplace at Carl's Jr. recently, and I think I liked their paint better. BLEH.

Nap time for Amos has gotten really challenging now that he can get out of his crib. And by challenging, I mean it doesn't happen. BLEH. He immediately flips out of bed and roams around in his room emptying drawers, bookshelves, and toybins. I am pretty sure he did fall asleep on his bedroom floor for a while today though.

Communication with Amos has gotten very frustrating for everyone involved too. You'd think it'd be easier with him learning words, but its harder because he doesn't always use them right, but he thinks he is, and gets frustrated when we don't help him. BLEH. He asked for "milk" for like 20 minutes tonight, but he definitely didn't want the milk.

Once the kids were in bed we headed back down to the basement to do a little more work, and after finding paint drips, streaky spots, tape pulling off the paint, etc. we decided to call it quits to avoid anymore frustration. Wouldn't you know we decided to touch up one last spot, and as Eric was opening the can it slipped out of his hand and landed face down. BLEH.

I know I have so much to be grateful for, but I am definitely not always a "the glass is half-full" kind of person, so it wouldn't be fair to say that I am not frustrated with the setbacks today.


Ashley said...

sometimes just venting makes you feel so much better! If ever you need a little break just give me a call and we can get the kids together for a play date and maybe even squeeze in some adult conversation! Love you!

Cynthia said...

Not one of the better days, eh? Sorry to hear of the frustrating day. Wish grammy was there or you were here. The video of Amos getting out of the crib should bring in big money when you get it published. Morgan watches it again and again. When asked if she would do that she said NOOOOOOOOOOO, mama, me wake, out.

Emy said...

Hey, it is absolutely fair to not like the crappy things that happen. I think that not venting can actually cause things to be more frustrating than they already are! Plus this is YOUR blog, so vent away!

I hope everything starts looking up soon, though!

deveney said...

lame! that sounds like a miserable day, so sorry to hear that. venting always helps me, that and chocolate! hope things get better soon--toddlers are demanding, but luckily it is only a few years-you can make it!!