Friday, April 24, 2009

Rough Morning/18 Month Check-up

Yes, the two are related.

This morning I took Amos to the doctor for his 18-month check-up. It did not go well. Amos completely lost it the moment I tried to put him on the scale for the nurse (i.e. very first thing). He recovered slightly after we measured him, but when the doc came in he lost it all over again. I have never seen him so upset. Anyway, I was holding him tight so the doc could check him, and when we got to the part where the doc had to check his diaper, Amos peed all over me and the Doc! So very gross. Poor Dr. Johnson and I were both very mortified. Amos didn't settle down until we were back in the car. We went right from there to see Eric at work, then to breakfast at Kneaders for a little Cream Cheese Brownie Therapy (for both of us).

The little sprinkler system.

Anyway, the important stuff:
Weight: 22 lb., 7 oz 6%
Height: 32" 48%
Head: 48.2 cm-the nurse didn't give me a percentage, maybe he fell off the chart ;)

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