Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Paisley and Deveney come to town

A couple weekends ago my old college roommate, Deveney, came for a visit. Dev and I met while working EFY together, and after a couple summers we decided to make it a year-round thing. I loved living with Deveney and trying to keep up with her great style, and I only wish she was closer now. I am a lot jealous she's all grown up and living in San Diego with her baby, Paisley, and husband, Chris.

Here is the one and only picture I have from her visit. Amos, Maggie, and Paisley had a good time playing together:

And here is one I stole from Desiree without asking (thanks Des!):

Deveney, Desiree, Laura, and Kendra

We had an Old Mill (aw, Old Mill) get-together one night during the girls' visit. Its so fun to reminisce and remember all the fun we had. Old Mill was such a fun place to live, but the people are what made it great. It doesn't hurt that that's where I met Eric =)

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Andrea said...

i'm jealous. i missed being able to come by a few days! looks like fun though.
i say that we should have an old mill get together in san diego next time!
they were fun times.